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PKJ GROUP is a leading manufacturer of hardware and houseware located at Wuxi city, Jiangsu provience .
It combined with 8 factories from different industries including: metal stamping, die-casting, injection moulding, fasterner, cleaning, thermoforming, printing, packaging, warehousing. All these factories are under same strict management. So far, four of them have passed the ISO9000 & ISO140001 certificate..

To make us competitive , PKJ GROUP has the whole process from the materials come in to the finished packaged products go out. The national,CE & ANSI QC standards are applied during that process. We also have our own lab with engineers auditing and testing each product . Intertek is used as our third party QC if it’s required..

PKJ GROUP is very strong at creating programs for the retail stores. With our expertise on the printing, thermoforming and packaging. We are able to bring all the bulk components from different manufacturers and put them in the same packaging. They will all look just like wearing the identical clothes in the stores. .

After about twenty years experience in the international trading business and over ten years experience working with the major retailers,PKJ GROUP is able to provide our customers: 1. On time every time 2. Qualtiy perfect 3. Best possible price 4. Best customer service..

PKJ GROUP products can be found at many retailer stores, home centers throughout the United States, Canada ,South American and Europe. If you are doing business with the retailers, PKJ GROUP is your perfect parter. It meets all your expectations.

    Houseware team

    Hardware team